Tuesday, February 17, 2009

goodnight moon by margaret wise brown

in the great green room, there was a telephone & a red balloon & a picture of the cow jumping over the moon. there were 3 little bears sitting in chairs & 2 little kittens & a pair of mittens. & a little toy house & a young mouse. & a comb & a brush & a bowl full of mush. & a quiet old lady who was whispering " hush ". goodnight room. goodnight moon. goodnight cow jumping over the moon. goodnight light & the red balloon. goodnight bears. goodnight chairs. goodnight kittens & goodnight mittens. goodnight clocks & goodnight socks. goodnight little house & goodnight mouse. goodnight comb & goodnight brush. goodnight nobody & goodnight mush. & goodnight to the old lady who whispers " hush ". good night stars. good night air. good night noises everywhere.
paintings by troy crisswell. oil on panel.

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