Saturday, January 31, 2009

new works at dogwood gallery

above are 3 new oils by martin pate.
do not miss his solo exhibit here @ dogwood gallery.
opening reception is march 28th, saturday evening.
the show will feature 25 masterworks.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3-D art

i am awaiting a photographer from a local newspaper. he wants shots of 3-dimensional works, sculpture. above is 1 of my favorites by billy lee of fairborn, ga. " heaven & hell " is made of fired clay. the bottom is earthenware & unadorned, symbolizing hell or our physical world. the upper piece is stoneware & painted the colors of heaven, symbolizing our spiritual realm. i admire the reflective quality in this piece. billy told me he dreamed it first. i love telling people that.

Monday, January 26, 2009

artistry in photography

above are 4 photos by local photographer, paul conlan. he refers to these shots as " urban landscapes. " please note the color & composition in each. these elements, when combined w/ subjects of interest, produce amazing photography & separate the pros from the hobbyists. i realize the forethought & quick-trigger it took to capture these images. join us for the " nature, undisturbed " photography  competition april 24th - may 3rd. entry deadline is january 30th.
email for more info.

Friday, January 23, 2009

contemporary art

above are 2 paintings by jane whitehurst. oils on canvas.
each abstract is crafted with a high sense of balance & composition.
use of color & symbols move the viewer's eyes across the surface.
textures draw the viewer closer. yet, these are giant works, easily appreciated from afar.
the style is expressive & painted with a ton of confidence.
paintings such as this,  immediately change the energy in any space.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 paintings to consider

# 1 " tufted titmouse" was painted by dennis witnauer of new york.
  oil painted on stretched vintage fabric and floater framed by the artist.
  this was expertly painted by an artist thinking outside the box.
# 2 "mr. jinx" painted by me. acrylic and latex on board.
 i applied the paint w/ a sense of balance and intended to glob, drip and throw paint on a 
 vertical surface. ( action painting was perfected by pollack and de kooning )

Friday, January 16, 2009

party for arts & expressions @ dogwood

february 27th, friday night, we will host a party for arts & expressions magazine.
featuring a film short by tin roof films. everyone is welcome to join the fun.
details to follow soon.
to work: 2 frames completed today.
# 1 original watercolor "qumran one" by steve coffey. 
used a contemporary moulding by roma. 2 3/4" belvinder brown.
this profile works great w/ natural subjects.
complimented by oyster 8-ply mat. 3 1/2" & bottom weighted an extra 1".
simple & classy. no need to outdo the artwork.
# 2 mounted picture light on a shadow box. great way to draw the viewer closer.
the box was taken apart & cleaned first. whoever tried this initially left debris inside the frame.
thanks & go paint something.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 frames today

 design is 1/2 the ball game when it comes to framing.
 each frame for a worthy artist.
 # 1 = "rural route" oil on canvas by bob francisco of atlanta.
           roma moulding = la rochelle 3 1/4" honeysuckle.
           i added rabbet foam tape under the lip of moulding to ensure that, 50 years from now,  
           the painting & the frame can be separated if needed.
           this is a extraordinary profile. ( also, available in white, brown & orange )
 # 2 = "white flower detail" photograph by donna rosser of peachtree city.
            roma moulding = genuine woods 1 1/2" charcoal, 
            artique 8-ply white mat = 3" w/ bottom weight of 5".
            artwork was T-hinged to acid free foamboard backing.
            conservation framing w/ a timeless look.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

young artists

january 12th, 2009
we hosted the inaugural coweta-fayette high school competition here last weekend.
i would like to congratulate the winners:
   best in show awarded to camille butler of whitewater HS for "papa"
   runner up awarded to will pattiz of the heritage school for "continuous line"
   people's choice awarded to jillian martin of sandy creek HS for "colorful bird"
   best 3-d work awarded to rachel jones of fayette co. HS for "raised texture & form"
   best photograph awarded to kelsey kent of fayette co. HS for "self portrait" 
   best painting awarded to mollie crosby of the heritage school for "after bridget"
   best drawing awarded to michael mask of whitewater HS for "untitled"
   best computer generated work awarded to pete ivanecky of the heritage school for
     "alles in maben mein liebling"
thanks to all participants & attendees. i hope that you take from this experience a sense of 
confidence & feel inspired to continue expressing yourselves.
collectively, this is a great representation of young local artists.
the show will be on exhibit through january 17th.