Friday, January 16, 2009

party for arts & expressions @ dogwood

february 27th, friday night, we will host a party for arts & expressions magazine.
featuring a film short by tin roof films. everyone is welcome to join the fun.
details to follow soon.
to work: 2 frames completed today.
# 1 original watercolor "qumran one" by steve coffey. 
used a contemporary moulding by roma. 2 3/4" belvinder brown.
this profile works great w/ natural subjects.
complimented by oyster 8-ply mat. 3 1/2" & bottom weighted an extra 1".
simple & classy. no need to outdo the artwork.
# 2 mounted picture light on a shadow box. great way to draw the viewer closer.
the box was taken apart & cleaned first. whoever tried this initially left debris inside the frame.
thanks & go paint something.

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