Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 frames today

 design is 1/2 the ball game when it comes to framing.
 each frame for a worthy artist.
 # 1 = "rural route" oil on canvas by bob francisco of atlanta.
           roma moulding = la rochelle 3 1/4" honeysuckle.
           i added rabbet foam tape under the lip of moulding to ensure that, 50 years from now,  
           the painting & the frame can be separated if needed.
           this is a extraordinary profile. ( also, available in white, brown & orange )
 # 2 = "white flower detail" photograph by donna rosser of peachtree city.
            roma moulding = genuine woods 1 1/2" charcoal, 
            artique 8-ply white mat = 3" w/ bottom weight of 5".
            artwork was T-hinged to acid free foamboard backing.
            conservation framing w/ a timeless look.

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  1. The flower looks great! I will pick it up tomorrow.